Empathy is vital for a leader in a time of crisis


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wholesale jerseys from china I apologize for the lack of updates to the site by me for the last 4 days. You see my cable service was down yet again. This time, it went down sometime very early Friday morning. And what of the state governments that are on the frontlines of this pandemic bearing the brunt of the disease and the costs accrued do they finally get fiscal support from the centre? Your guess is as good as mine because the PM did not mention one word about it. Nor was there mention of the thousands of migrants who have been living a sort of no man’s land existence for weeks and can now be found on highways across the land on a long, dangerous trek back to their villages after being abandoned by the centre and state governments. Empathy is vital for a leader in a time of crisis like this but Shri Modi seems to be missing that facet of leadership.. wholesale jerseys from china

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