He played hockey and football and getting hurt cost


So I’m really sad about where we are today. I thought that, 50 years ago, we got this out in the open and made significant progress. So to still see so many signs of racism existing in society, it’s upsetting. Was in a terrible bike riding accident as a 16 year old, Pat explained, over the din of cowbells and rock music. Were life threatening injuries. He played hockey and football and getting hurt cost him a dream of going to university.

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In 2019 Mrs Deborah Lewis (School of Management) and Dr Fabio Nemetz (Department of Computer Science) were found to be equally deserving of the Director of Studies Award. Mrs Lewis was selected for her tireless energy and dedication in supporting a diverse cohort of students. Dr Nemetz was selected for his inspirational approach to teaching, and exceptional commitment to student wellbeing..

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The Leamington, Ontario native was selected by theYou send an outfielder up to pinch hit for the

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