Idk just some dally angst ig


Can u write a dallas x reader where the reader gets severely injured (like almost dies) and shes in the hospital. Idk just some dally angst ig. Thank u so mucha/n: honestly I struggled with this one so much, but thanks for requesting this anon! it like uh meh? I listened to wouldn ask you by Clairo for this one!”}”>Dallas Winston was a boy who many people believe was incapable of loving.

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Anyone who reads the emails can say they cherry picked the data to suit their pre conceived notions. They disposed of data and test results that show that there is no warming The scientists that support global warming have done everything they can to silence any research that does not support their claims. The sceintists that are on the UN panel have gone to great lengths to only use studies that support their claims, they have also gone top great lengths to make sure no one could see all of the data upon which they base their claims.

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Rachel, who was on the phone with Trayvon asThis is the most comfortable wear and people of any

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