I’m sorry, but NFL stadiums are ghost towns for 357


Have to have a short memory, Murray said. Game is over and now we got to get a win and get ourselves locked into the postseason. Penguins (43 26 11) are third in the Metropolitan Division, two points behind the New York Islanders and two points ahead of Carolina.

“I just want us to learn from it,” Boudreau said. “If teams see this, they’re going to all do it. The defense have got to get it through; you can’t just shoot it blindly. Locating it in the Civic Center area is a terrible idea. I’m sorry, but NFL stadiums are ghost towns for 357 days out of the year, and the area is actually a fairly developed cluster of apartment complexes as it is. It’s not super desirable, urban, or walkable, but a football stadium is hardly going to improve that.

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“As sad as it sounds, [Jose] is now one of the lucky parents,” says Lee Gelernt, a senior attorney with the ACLU who has sued to force the government to reunite the families. “There are still hundreds of parents in Central America who have not reunited with their children. We’re hoping some of them will be allowed back, but at this point very few have been able to come back.”.

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