It’s not just about putting something in front of


I’ll be honest. I don’t quite like the phrase hostile stares, even though I immediately know what people are talking about. The word hostile makes it sound like the person staring has to be bitter and wants to lunge out and attack and that usually isn’t the case.

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Customers find the fountain set up the most exciting, according to Hansen. It’s not just about putting something in front of them that they’ll enjoy,” he says. “It’s about a memorable moment. Robin returns to Nottingham where he discovers that Marian has become a nun and is Abbess of Kirklees Abbey. King John, facing excommunication by the pope, has ordered that all senior church figures be expelled or arrested. After saving Marian from imprisonment Robin and John return to Sherwood Forest where, of the Merrie Men, only Friar Tuck and Will Scarlett survive..

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Competition can turn keener in Jun’20 as channelManning numbers have dropped (he threw nine

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