Known for having some the most passionate fanbases


Anywhoo, damn but I appreciate how the destruction of the yeerk pool actually happens, after about 50 books worth of waiting. The narration treats the deaths of all those yeerks as a tragedy right along with the deaths of the hosts, showing us just how far Ax has come as a person. There are excruciating details like the ordinary yeerks who frantically work to free the hosts right along with the Animorphs even though they risking their lives to do so.

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As we stood beside the Red Cross disaster van, me barefoot in my pajamas with damaged glasses, singed hair and unsuspected burns, my son in law shirtless in jeans and barefoot, figuring out where we would all sleep that night, get food, clothing. The Red Cross disaster team helped pull it all together then, and the unexpected generosity of friends and neighbors and strangers did the rest. We are all okay now.

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We honor and remember our veterans“The desire of a brand with Magners’ stature to

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