Looking Back at Georgia O’KeefeFor those interested


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cheap nba jerseys The village was removed from the map by a final act of the old park policy of exploitation. Conservation has been the policy since. In the 1990s a military cadet camp and the Buffalo Paddock, a captive herd of bison3 were removed. Looking Back at Georgia O’KeefeFor those interested in admiring the art of Georgia O’Keefe, the opening of the Georgia O’Keefe Museum in Santa Fe marked a major milestone in the appreciation and understanding of this transplanted Midwestern woman. Art lovers from all over the country journey to this Santa Fe museum, just to get a look at the collection, which focuses on her lengthy time in the high desert country of the Southwest. By looking at the paintings here and at other Southwestern venues, viewers can come to know the artist, who progressed from a urban modernist into someone strongly tied to the land of the Abiquiu Valley, which Georgia eventually came to call home.. cheap nba jerseys

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