Vokoun’s expiring contract comes in at a very


The Phoenix win makes NHL profit sharing all the more palpable. The Capitals loss officially slides Montreal into 5th place in the East. A Montreal win tonight coupled with a Boston loss in regulation to the new look Toronto Maple Leafs (Kris Versteeg traded to Philadelphia, and the Leafs acquire Voros) will leapfrog the Canadiens into the Northeast division lead and 3rd place overall in the East..

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Had been a while and I was pretty excited to see it go in, said Lowry, who added an assist and is up to eight goals and 17 points in 59 games this season. Was the emotion of the game and we wanted to answer for our game in Colorado (the 7 1 loss on Wednesday). To put us up two there was a good feeling.

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wholesale nba jerseys They need to get rid of Dolce, Geisha House, and possibly Fox Sports Grill and replace them with something else (like a Taco Mac). I don’t think the movie theater should go. They could make it 21 and up at night. The Panthers have already started dumping salary, sending D Bryan McCabe packing for New York and trading Cory Stillman to the Hurricanes on Friday. The 34 year old native of the Czech Republic, Vokoun, is set to become a UFA this summer and has generated some interest from teams looking for goaltender depth on the eve of the playoffs. Vokoun’s expiring contract comes in at a very affordable cap hit of $1.5 million dollars for the remainder of the year. wholesale nba jerseys

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