We don call him Shakey because he a nervous Nellie


“I think a lot of us that were here in 2010, we consider we’re better players now. I myself feel that I’m a well rounded player, got a lot better defensively and without the puck as time has gone on,” Kane told reporters Tuesday in Chicago. “I feel like I’m more focused about hockey now.

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Before that night, I’d used goPuff maybe once in my life. Ordering delivery for a single bag of Doritos (Spicy Sweet Chili flavor) or a pint of Ben Jerry’s felt pointless, lazy and collegiate and not in a good way. (The company was started by two 20 year olds at Drexel University after all.) Plus, I knew I’d become enticed by other options and add 10 more snacks to my bag before long, all thanks to one little craving..

Their busy schedules, traveling and long trips, exhaustion, workouts, and pain. Lots of pain. Whether it was their bodies feeling sore after a game or them getting hurt during a fight. After scribbling a piece about George (Shakey) Johnson the other day, it occurred to me that most folks don know the story behind the deposed Calgary Herald sports columnist nickname. We don call him Shakey because he a nervous Nellie with constant jitters. It due to his golf game.

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Then Nvwa came out with another idea: if Fuxi can“But then we heard some sputtering and then a boom

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